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When you make an online purchase through NORM THOMPSON, at the end, a pop up box comes up, stating: "Click if you want to receive 15% off your next order of $50.00 or more"...PERIOD! Nothing else is there.

About a week later, after my 84 year old mom received her merchandise, this REWARDS magazine comes from, NORM THOMPSON. Note that they claim it is a "third party" and they are NOT RESPONSIBLE. Really. We almost threw it in the trash thinking it was junk mail.

So this catalog explains that for $14.95, you get $1.00 shipping on all orders and an additional 15% off all N.T. purchases. The $14.95 is an ongoing monthly charge that she never received any email confirmation for.

Mind you, when you normally make any purchase online, you always get an email confirmation. Not here, because there is no "meeting of the minds". This HOAX/SCAM needs to be stopped. N.T. REWARDS center is conveniently closed on the weekends so I cannot call on her behalf to end this madness. I am so angry.

I also found hundreds of other people complaining about the exact same scam, so there you go. It has happened to many elderly people and their adult children are now making the calls to get this stopped. just like I am.

NORM THOMPSON, you and all your sister companies, SAHALIE, SOLUTIONS, and any others, have now lost the business of every customer that has had this happen.

Hope it is worth losing out all the customers you have had over the years. I have made a request for them to send a copy of the online transaction to prove that people knew they were getting into this monthly bill. Everyone is entitled to a copy of any transaction they enter into. I called, and they will not provide it.

Do not do business with any company that behaves this way.

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Thanks for your response Dan. I am sorry for what you endured as well.

We have to keep the LIGHT on this company and expose them so they finally shut it down.

There is nothing good about the so called REWARDS PROGRAM. They should be ashamed of themselves at this point, but in these times, all they care about is MONEY.


I also discovered a reoccuring charge on my 89 year old Mothers Credit card account. I called the Number listed on the credit card statement.

I spoke to "mathew" in India. he said a credit would be issued for the last 3 months of unauthorized charges.

I then called LLbean the Credit card issuer and was totally dissappointed in their response to block future charges. I am sure there are MANY more unsuspecting folks being charged each month both young and old.


Norm Thompson did refund the $14.95 and the initial $1.95 for their scam. HOWEVER, I am reporting them to CONSUMER PROTECTION because they lied and said that my mother was redirected to a link that asked her to RE-FILL in her email address, so she knew she was signing up. This is total ***. I was sitting next to her during the order as she is 84. There was no link and there was no email welcoming her to their *** REWARDS SCAM-PROGRAM.

Bottom line, they are liars, scammers and they claim they are not associated with the REWARDS PROGRAM.

They have to be linked, otherwise how did the rewards program get my moms credit card number? She never re-entered her email or her credit card number ever, yet they were able to bill her from the purchase she made with the catalog.

DO not do business with Norm Thompson or any of their sister companies. They are dishonest. :zzz Talking in circles and out of both sides of their mouths.

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